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Pi.Fo.Nomia was founded in 1989 as a producer of pizza, focaccia and stuffed products.

Today Pi.Fo.Nomia, without going back over quality of goods sold in the past, is
able to serve with perseverance different kind of customers and meet the most diverse orders that require more effort.

It is distinguished in the panorama of the Baking Industry, thanks to his look long into the future and innovation, which led the company to levels of excellence such as to fall several times in the repertoire of excellent Companies located in Parma and Emilia Romagna.

All products Pi.Fo.Nomia born from the passion and engagement, from
 expertise and experience gained over the years.

The focus on the area and the extreme care with which they are chosen and selected raw materials guarantee a high level of process production.

Pi.Fo.Nomia targets a type of very large customers, and the products, due to the variety and
flexibility, are suitable for every type of target, from bars to snack, to banquet services, to pizzerias, bakeries and Large Distribution.

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